The Game of Beliefs 

When I first discovered The Work, I found a meetup group in my area. The coordinator of the meetup group gave us the worksheets to fill out and then we were doing a popcorn style interaction, where we were answering the questions in round robin order. This is a process introduced by the Institute for The Work and although it is good, I hoped for something more collaborating.

I wanted to make this process more engaging among the participants. I thought of having a more interactive method, with some sort of field which would connect people and facilitate better communication. This is how I came up with the Game of Beliefs.  

I have been playing this game with my friends and they reported how much the instructions of the game helped them to feel involved and be present with other’s participant’s inquiry.  

The main goal of the Game of Beliefs is to introduce the process of Byron Katie’s The Work by using an interactive and orderly approach. I also want to provide the player with the opportunity to really understand how to properly formulate the inquiry statement by creating a meaningful “one liner”.

The Game is designed to be played by up to 6 people and has four parts:

Part 1.  Filling in one liner and the worksheet
Part 2.  Playing the Tree of Belief field
Part 3. Creating the Mandala of Turn Arounds
Part 4. Verifying your feelings