I have known Marina for many years and have been very happy about her own transformation after she started to work with BK concept. Her own positive changes in attitude, in her professional and personal relationships really inspired me.
I have been doing the work with Marina on many occasions. I didn’t speak with my mother for 2 years at some point. There was resentment and anger. There was a big issue of judgment of my Mom and self-judgment . After sessions with Marina related to these relationship
I can honestly say, I am not only keeping in touch with my Mom on a regular bases, but we became friends again as we were very long time ago. 
Thank you, Marina , for your gentle guidance and change for good in my life .




Marina has been facilitating The Work with me for over 4 years. Under Marina’s guidance The Work changed my life, my thinking process and my mindset. She is compassionate and encourages the process to happen without interruption, on my own terms. She knows how to be patient and allow for your own discovery. I’m so thankful for Marina introducing me to the Work and being a part of my journey over these years. She has extended her help many times in my darkest moments and for that I’m forever grateful. 

 Olenka Cullinan

Speaker, Author & Passionista 
Rising Tycoons - Founder
ASU - Venture Mentor


I really appreciated the sense of calm and compassion that Marina exuded while working with me via Skype. For me, it was important not to feel rushed or pushed beyond the pace I was ready to go…
In return, I was able to relax and go inside with deep breaths, and when I was ready, I was able to verbalize my inner most thoughts for that moment. Marina was able to re-direct my wandering mind a few times so we could focus on the task at hand and work on it until we both felt some closure was achieved.
If you are looking for a compassionate and skillful facilitator, who can conduct sessions in both English and Russian, I would highly recommend Marina.

Tania Zolo