I was born in Moscow, Soviet Union. In Russia I attaining a Master degree in Metallurgical Engineering and graduated from musical program in classical piano. Following the dissolution of the Soviet Union, I experienced another major life change immigrating to the USA in 1993. Life in a new country and the integration into its culture was not easy, I faced depression and alcohol addiction, and as a result was diagnosed by a medical professional with a chemical imbalance. I was issued psychotropic medication requiring a life-long use. What followed was ten years of dazed, unhappy and confused existence. Still, the existence was not without hope, I was able to get a Master degree in Education and gave birth to a wonderful baby girl. There were also unpleasant events, as the following year I suffer a loss of my mother, the person that has been my strongest supporter.

While on medication, I continue smoking and drinking, and following yet another change in medication and further increase in dosage, numb, I found myself completely lost, essentially awaiting lives end. Then the unexpected happened, I came across a spiritual practice of Nichiren Shu Buddhism and a guidance of a different belief, that one can influence positive change. What shortly followed was an emancipating divorce, forcing me to become a spiritual seeker: Meditation groups; yoga; visits to an Osho ashram in India; Kundalini yoga; Tantric workshops and training; 10 days Vipassana, a silence meditation retreat; Hellinger’s Family Constellation; and many others practices. I was ready to open any and every door that indicated a hint of promise, trying to find a tool, a practice, which would show me the way to how to be free of misery and be happy.

After what seemed like a lifetime of search, some further failures and limited success, which among other things helped me shed the burden of addiction, I found The Work. When I discovered The Work, I realized that I found a tool that tells me how to get what I want—not just vaguely describes someone else’s experience of a practice. I gradually applied it to all areas of my life. Initially in amateurish ways, I followed the prescribed methodology, eventually becoming the student in the Institute for The Work, in a certification program which I completed in 2016.

The essence of wisdom gained from my studies was that the happiness, which I was seeking, indeed resided inside me and was exposed by an inquiry of stressful thoughts, which prevented a fulfilling life experience. It liberated me from my beliefs. I dragged all these years from my childhood, being raised during the régime of communism in the Soviet Union. Finally, it allowed me to experience the most beautiful personal relationship with my new husband and discover the joy of most loving bond, with my now teenage daughter. The Work showed me the immense beauty of what is my life.

My path to The Work